1. What are the benefits of cooking in clay pots?

The food cooked in the earthenware pots are good for our health. All the important 18 nutrients are available in the food cooked in clay cookwares.

2. What is earthen cookware?

Earthen cookwares are made up of natural clay. Cooking food in clay products are beneficial to health.

3. Can we use clay cooking pots on gas?

The earthen cookwares can be used on gas stove as they are designed to withstand heat. Using low to moderate heat produces the best result of the products and can be used for a very long time.

4. Can we store food in clay vessels?

Yes, you can store food in clay vessels as the food stored in clay vessels does not contaminate.

5. Does the clay pots smell after washing them?

No, it does not usually smell after washing but if it smells sometimes, gently clean with hot water and keep it in the sunlight for a few hours.

6. Can we clean clay pots easily?

Yes, you can clean clay pots easily. For more info watch the video available in the below link.


7. How to use clay pots for the first time?

You can easily use the clay pots for the first time by following some simple steps which are explained in the given link. Do watch the video carefully.

8. Why should I prefer Rajender Clay Handicraft?

Try Rajender clay Handicraft and then believe in us. You will love the variety of products available here and you could visit us for real experience.

9. Do we need to season the clay pots other than cookwares?

No, you don't need to season the clay pots which are not to be used for cooking. Gently clean them and start using them.

10. Do we need to season the clay cooking pots?

Yes, you need to season the clay pots used for cooking.

11. Can I directly visit and purchase the clay products from Rajender Clay Handicraft?

Yes, We warmly welcome everyone to visit us and have real experience with us. For Location click on the given below link.

12. What if I receive a damaged product?

If you happen to receive any damaged product we send a replacement for the damaged product.