About Us


About us

 Welcome to Rajender Clay Handicraft,We manufacture all earthen(clay) products of our daily use.These utensils are better for our health because all important nutrients which are required for our body are available in it.., Clay cooker, clay kadhai, clay jug, clay fridge, clay dinner set, clay mayur jug, clay cups, clay handi, clay bottles,etc. are main products of our Handicraft bussiness.  Mr. Rajender prasad prajapati ji is the owner and main handicraft person of terracotta in Rajender clay handicraft. He was born in 1st august 1962.We have been in this business of clay handicraft and earthen products since 1989.   We are proud of our reputation as a company which was started by the help and the blessings of Ex. PM of India, Late Shri Chander Shekar Ji. The owner of Rajender Clay Handicraft, Mr. Rajender Prasad Prajapati was supported and motivated by Late Shri Chander Shekar Ji many times.  


Special thanks to Rajiv dixit ji

 We are thankful to Rajiv bhai ji that he inspired us all to use the clay products. We are glad that we are moving on the path shown by him.., And the information which he gave everyone about the benefits of cooking in clay products which are more beneficial for health.


Completely Handmade


We refuse to compromise on quality at Rajender clay Handicraft. That's why we make our products on our own and do not use machinery for the production.

Important Video

Check out this impotant video related to our clay utensils and its benefits.

How to use new Clay vessels

Full process of using new Clay vessels